Give smart, save more

You can help Longitude fund its mission while avoiding taxes by donating stock directly to Longitude in minutes! And, until June 30th, 2023, stock donations made to Longitude will be matched by a generous donor! Keep more money in your pocket with every donation. When you donate stock, you avoid capital gain tax while deducting … Read more

The Latest On The YHS’ Robotics Project

Team STEAMSur 9135 Wins Rookie All-Star Award. A pioneering group of students and mentors from Suriname formed the country’s first-ever robotics team. Despite being a small team, SteamSur (FRC Team 9135) earned themselves a place in the upcoming FIRST World Championship in Houston, TX from April 19 – April 22, 2023! Help Out By Making … Read more


Transforming Education Means Fighting Poverty Traps

Giving all adults equitable opportunities is the goal of education in the world today. Teachers all over the world are tasked with taking up responsibilities like feeding students and providing technology and home-based internet to students in the hopes that the students succeed in a career.  Although education seeks to provide a lot, there is … Read more


The Education Imperative

Ban Ki-moon, the former United Nations Secretary-General, once said that education is the “single best investment” countries can make to create equitable, healthy, and prosperous communities. It’s evident that governments in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean understand this, as they spent nearly $450 billion in 2016 on investments in computers and other goods, … Read more

Financing education, imperative for 'peaceful, prosperous, stable societies’

Financing education, imperative for ‘peaceful, prosperous, stable societies’

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently spoke alongside Gordon Brown, his Special Envoy for Global Education, to draw attention to the critical issue of finding innovative ways to finance education. The UN’s top official spelled out the world’s need for more, not less, money for education everywhere.  Guterres explained that though wealthy nations can fund schools through … Read more

Session on “Advancing Gender Equality and Girls’ and Women’s Empowerment in and through Education”

We are facing an education emergency

Recently, activists such as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and U.N. messenger of peace, Malala Yousafzai, joined forces at the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City to implore world leaders to prioritize education and restore those educational budgets that were cut in the midst of the pandemic.  As some may recall, Malala … Read more

Gender-Equal Education Is About More Than Access

Gender-Equal Education Is About More Than Access

Policymakers, education activists, and others who are worried about girls being left behind must look beyond school access. As many have philosophized before, there are many factors that go into students’ success in education. Education can transform a girl or boy’s life, but is it open to boys and girls equally? There is gender inequality … Read more

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