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About Codettes

Codettes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering girls and young women in the field of technology and innovation! Our goal is to raise awareness about the possibilities and opportunities that the technology sector offers to women and to provide them with the necessary education, training, and support to become successful technologists and creators.

To achieve our mission, Codettes organizes Networking Events, Hackathons, Bootcamps, and Training that provide young women with hands-on experiences in the technology industry. Our Bootcamp and Inno Starter Students programs are designed to help participants develop their technical skills, learn new tools and technologies, and work on innovative projects that have the potential to impact their communities positively.

At Codettes, we believe that creating a diverse and inclusive technology sector is crucial to driving innovation and economic growth. We work to stimulate and develop the technology sector locally and regionally through the Codettes initiative, which brings together industry leaders, educators, and policymakers to collaborate on initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the IT industry.

Our team is always passionate about generating new ideas and developing innovative solutions that help to address the challenges facing women in the technology industry. Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation of technologists, creators, and leaders and to build a more diverse, inclusive, and thriving technology sector in Suriname and the region for all.

Codettes 2023 Project Support

Longitude is supporting Codettes with its current technology refresh and the creation of its next-generation technology platform and development infrastructure.

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