Give smart, save more

You can help Longitude fund its mission while avoiding taxes by donating stock directly to Longitude in minutes!

And, until June 30th, 2023, stock donations made to Longitude will be matched by a generous donor!

Keep more money in your pocket with every donation. When you donate stock, you avoid capital gain tax while deducting 100% of the value of the contribution.

And, Longitude receives double the donation you make!

How It Works

If you have appreciated stock, we’ve made it easy to donate it.

1. You submit a secure, online DonateStock donation form.

2. DonateStock sends the form to your broker and notifies us.

3. Your broker transfers stock to DonateStock Charitable.

4. Stock is received, reconciled, converted to cash, and distributed to us.

5. You are notified the stock was received and are sent a receipt for the gift.

Donate stock to maximize tax savings!*

  • Avoid Capital Gains Tax of 15% – 32.8% (federal and state) and NII Tax of 3.8%.
  • Deduct the stock’s fair market value (regardless of your cost basis).
  • Let Longitude keep the proceeds that would have gone to the IRS.
  • It’s now Fast, Safe, and Free.

Say you bought $500 worth of stock several years ago, and now it’s worth $2,500. Instead of selling it, you can donate the stock to charity and save a bundle on taxes:

* Actual Capital Gains Tax ranges from 18.8% to 37.1%, comprising Federal tax (15% or 20% + 3.8% NII tax) and State tax (41 states tax gains at 0% to 13.3%).

* Disclaimer: We do not provide tax advice. This is informational only. Please speak to a tax professional.

Secure & Private by Design

Security and privacy are paramount, so we have partnered with DonateStock. Learn more about the measures DonateStock takes to keep your private information safe.

To donate stock today, click on the DonateStock icon below.

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