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About IoTLab Suriname

IoTlab Suriname Foundation is a non-profit organization in Suriname that aims to help IT enthusiasts build their skills and experience in the tech industry. Since 2013, the organization has been operating in the tech innovation landscape of Suriname and has created and implemented numerous gamified tech events that have been enjoyed by over a thousand tech students and enthusiasts. The participants receive an immersion experience towards innovation, and several alumni have found employment in the IT space or have started their own technology businesses.

The vision of IoTLab is to become a pivotal player in the new era of innovation, development, and product-to-market acceleration by attaining the full potential of IT in Suriname and the Caricom region. The mission of IoTLab is to help IT enthusiasts by providing them with the ability and possibility to easily share knowledge with experienced peers through a series of gamified tech events and activities.

IoTLab Suriname is supported by various educational institutions, such as the University of Suriname (Adek) and the Polytechnic College (PTC), which play a structural part in the programming and credit students for participation in the programs with university credits. The organization has initiated several successful spin-offs in the tech education sector, such as the IoT Things Network ThingsCore and the Codettes Girls in ICT Foundation.

IoTLab Suriname

The IoTLab Space is a critical part of the organization’s growth strategy. It offers space, tools, and expertise to create market-ready prototypes from the outputs of the gamified tech events using digital manufacturing. The IoTLab is basically a small FabLab, and the organization has trained and certified staff for doing the complete design cycle on IoT-type projects.

IoTLab offers several projects that help IT enthusiasts develop their skills and experience in the tech industry. The projects include the yearly Coding Hackathon, Robotics Courses (dormant), Internet of Things Challenge, Community LpWAN network & Smart Cities initiative, Empowering, skilling & Inclusion 4 women, and Creativity hub – IoT development – FabLAB.

One of the latest projects developed by IoTLab is the IoT-Lab Cloud for Education project, which facilitates education providers through microservices, providing e-learning initiatives and platforms. The organization aims to become a pivotal organization for teaching and development in Suriname.

In summary, IoTLab Suriname is an innovative and impactful non-profit organization that aims to build skills and experience for the next generation of techies in Suriname and the Caricom region. Through their gamified tech events, IoT Lab Space, and various projects, IoTLab is making significant contributions to the development of the tech industry and creating opportunities for IT enthusiasts to succeed.

IoTLab Space 2023 Project

The IoTLab Space will be a critical part of the growth strategy as the space and tools will help further expertise to create market-ready prototypes from outputs of the gamified tech events using digital manufacturing. The IoTLab Space is a small FabLab where trained & certified staff support the complete design lifecycle of IoT-type projects.

Longitude is also supporting IoTLab Suriname with its current technology refresh and the creation of its next-generation technology platform and development infrastructure.

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