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Donation Matching, Another Way To Help!

You might be able to make your donation go even further, with the help of your employer!

Donation matching is another way to support us and make your contribution go even further! If your employer participates in matching donations, your gift could have double or even triple the impact. Many companies encourage their employees to donate to their preferred charities by matching their contributions. Some companies even extend the matching offer to retirees and spouses.

Your company’s matching gift will assist us in taking more action and provide us with the funding required to support the implementation of educational projects that shape the future of humanity and the planet. Let’s work together to make a difference!

Your company’s matching gift will help us take even more action by providing double or sometimes even triple the funding we so desperately need to support the implementation of educational projects that shape the future of humanity and the planet!

Check and see if your company matches!

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My company matches! What’s next?

To request a matching gift, obtain a matching gift form or program guidelines from your human resources office, and submit the request to have your company match your donation.

In some cases, companies require us to complete an application process. If that is the case, you can share the following details or direct them to this page, and we will quickly provide any further information they may require.

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Matching gift disbursements by some companies may follow a quarterly or yearly schedule. To minimize administrative expenses, we do not send notifications to donors when we receive matching contributions. If you have any inquiries about your company’s matching donation, please reach out to your human resources or matching gifts department.

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30 North Gould Street Ste 33069
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