Our Initiative

Learning together so we can work together to build the futures we want.

The context

As our planet faces accelerated climate change, its fragility is becoming increasingly apparent. Alongside this, persistent inequalities, social fragmentation, and political extremism are pushing many societies to the brink of crisis.

Advances in digital communication, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology bring great potential, but also raise serious ethical and governance concerns, especially as the track record of innovation and technological change contributing to human flourishing is uneven.

The vision

Humanity’s greatest renewable resources for responding to challenges and inventing alternatives are knowledge and learning. Education is not only responsive to a changing world, but it also has the power to transform the world.

However, we must uphold principles and commitments to ensure that connected technologies advance our aspirations for inclusive education based on the principles of justice, equity, and respect for human rights.

We believe that:

We must prioritize the needs of the most marginalized people in society. By centering on those who are often left behind, we can create a more just and equitable world for all.

We need to expand investments in open, free, and high-quality digital education. We believe that access to education is a fundamental right and that technology can help us reach more learners than ever before.

To achieve our goals, we have to recognize that digitally transforming education requires more than just new tools and technologies. We need to innovate and change the way we teach, putting pedagogy at the forefront of our efforts to create a better future for all learners.

The aim

The goal of this initiative is to mobilize the diverse ways of being and knowing to leverage humanity’s collective intelligence.

How you can help

We rely on a broad, open co-construction process involving youth, educators, civil society, governments, business, and YOU!

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