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The Young Help Suriname (YHS) STEAM & Robotics Project is designed to inspire and equip young people in Suriname with the skills and mindset they need to thrive in the rapidly-evolving global landscape. YHS believes that technology is a critical enabler of development and that young STEM minds are the shapers of a sustainable future. As such, the project aims to empower young people through capacity building, gamification, cross-border teamwork, and (peer-to-peer) mentorship. To support the project you can donate by clicking on the button below.

One key component of the project is the annual recruitment and training of the national Suriname Robotics Team, which competes in the International FIRST Global Olympic Style Robotics Challenge. This event not only serves as a competition but also provides an opportunity for young STEM-interested minds from more than 150 countries to build collaboration and friendship. YHS sees this as a critical resource for Suriname, as it enables the country to contribute its talent to the global platform and emerge as a future leader in STEM and innovation.

In addition to the robotics team, YHS coordinates and trains students in STEM and robotics for local community projects that support Sustainable Development Goals. The project also encourages entrepreneurship among young minds by empowering them with knowledge, guidance, and inspirational experiences. Through community projects and partnerships, YHS aims to build confidence and enable the next generation of entrepreneurs.

YHS also facilitates international exchange opportunities for Surinamese citizens and provides institutional support to local community organizations with project planning and guidance for implementing their own STEM projects with success. The project offers logistical services for workshops and various events and provides training in various digital skills.

Overall, the YHS STEM & Robotics Project is designed to inspire passion for developing skills of the future through practical education in STEM and robotics, exposure to global opportunities, and community projects that support Sustainable Development Goals. The project aims to equip young people with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-evolving global landscape and become the next generation of tech professionals.

Suriname at the FGC games

The FGC games are not only a competition but also to empower and build collaboration and friendship among young STEM-interested minds in more than 150 countries across the globe. Being part of this network and having access to this rich resource is important for Suriname if we also want to contribute with the talent we have and enable our young people to make use of this global platform to emerge as STEM and Innovation future leaders.

Ashna Mahepal (CEO YHS)

FRC 2023

In 2023 YHS sent sending rookie team 9135 STEAMSur to the FRC 2023 Regional competition in Tallahassee, Florida, where 38 teams from six countries competed. In addition to the Tallahassee, Florida Regional Competition YHS is planning on participating in the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge in Singapore in October. You can follow the team’s progress on their Facebook Page; YHS is asking for your help to support the team!

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